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Oct 19, 2020
CITY OF SOULS unleash the full sensory overload of SYNÆSTHESIA live!

It’s Time!

CITY OF SOULS are unleashing the full sensory overload that is SYNÆSTHESIA LIVE!

Immerse yourself in the aural trip that this album will take you on at an intimate one-off experience at The Tuning Fork on Saturday November 21st. Secure your place at this limited ticket event early to be front and centre to taste the guitar licks, smell the bass, see the beats come at you in waves and feel the vocals straight from the throat of New Zealand's premier progressive rock act.

CITY OF SOULS, finalists in the Te Kaipuoro Rakapioi Toa | Best Rock Artist category at the Aotearoa Music Awards, have invited two special guest acts.

Cherry Blind, a punk-driven high-energy rock act who have already made a dent on the Rock charts with their single “Papercut”, and the progressive Auckland 5-piece Outside In who promise to take the crowd on an engrossing journey. Be certain that you witness SYNÆSTHESIA in the flesh at The Tuning Fork, next to Spark Arena, on Saturday November 21st.

Tickets on sale from Monday October 19th through


Oct 8, 2020
Te Kaipuoro Rakapioi Toa | Best Rock Artist Finalists

We are thrilled to announce that we are up for an AMA this year. We have worked our souls to the bone to make this record happen. Pretty cool to have our efforts recognised 😎

Aug 28, 2020

Steve Boag [Lead | Layers] Suhr Modern
Marcus Powell [Rhythm Right] Jackson Soloist
Trajan Schwencke [Rhythm Left] Ibanez MTM1 

Guitar play through for LIFEBLOOD
Track one from the album SYNÆSTHESIA
Engineered | Mixed | Mastered by Forrester Savell
Filmed by Francis Wheeler
Edited by Steve Boag


Jul 31, 2020
SYNÆSTHESIA Vinyl Release at JB Hi-Fi

On July 31st we're dropping our limited edition double vinyl of SYNÆSTHESIA.

Pre-order directly from JB Hi-Fi's website - because you don't wanna miss out, do you?

Jul 18, 2020
Shimmer Wins Best Music Award at NZ Vision Feast Film Festival

Delirium Productions took out the award for Best Music Video with our track Shimmer at New Zealand's Vision Feast Film Festival tonight!

We want to thank our talented friend Marko Los and NZ On Air Music for their support in making this music video a reality.


Shimmer is the second of our music videos to win a film festival award after Water won Best Director with Žiga Zupančič and Best Music Video at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.


Jul 2, 2020
Waiuku College Music Students Cover 'Tying Tongues'

We had a great day meeting the music students of Waiuku College and sitting in on their recording session. They are covering Tying Tongues, two female vocals and piano. Super stripped back and beautiful, amazing talent and lucky kids to have Ben teaching them.

Shout out to Jacky, Christine and Jessye for making a great start on the cover. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Jun 8, 2020
Whispers Enters NZ Music Charts at #18

Thanks to your streams and radio requests we've re-entered the Official NZ Music Chart this week with 'Whispers' at #18!

Jun 5, 2020
Limited Edition SYNÆSTHESIA 32GB 3.0 USB Cards

Our limited edition SYNÆSTHESIA 32GB 3.0 USB Cards are here!

Each SYNÆSTHESIA USB comes loaded with digital content ready for you to plug the album into your car stereo to listen in full uncompressed .wav quality, or into your TV to watch the complete set of our official music videos and visualiser videos in 4K.

Order yours ⏩

Bandcamp are once again waiving their fees on all sales made between midnight and midnight on Friday 5 June (Pacific Daylight Time), so if you've had one of these sat on your wish list there's no better time to order.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered for your patience through the C-19 related production delays; all of your orders have now been shipped and are on their way to you.

May 17, 2020
Lockdown Doesn't Halt New Album | NewsHub Feature

In case you missed it; we made the news!

May 10, 2020
Whispers Featured in Spotify's Progressive Metal Playlist

Shout out to Spotify for showing our latest single 'Whispers' some love with a feature #2 placement on their carefully curated Progressive Metal playlist.

May 9, 2020
CITY | OF | SOULS on the Cover of Spotify's Rock Out Playlist

Our mugs are on the front of Spotify's Rock Out playlist.

There's a kiwi takeover brewing in this one with our tracks 'Cruelty' and 'Shimmer' sitting alongside Coridian's 'Good, For Nothing', Devilskin's 'Everybody's High But Me' and Banks Arcade's 'Drown'

Which bands are you digging on this playlist?

May 9, 2020
73k Streams | #11 Top 20 NZ Albums | #34 Top 40 Albums

Thanks to you lovely peeps we have had over 73 thousand plays of SYNÆSTHESIA on Spotify in ONE WEEK.

The album has also entered the Official NZ Music Charts at #11 on the Top 20 NZ Albums chart and #34 on the Top 40 Albums chart.

Keep spinning and enjoying because we so appreciate it and it's rad to know so many people are enjoying it.


May 8, 2020
CITY | OF | SOULS on the Cover of TIDAL's Technical Ecstasy Playlist

We made it onto the cover of TIDAL's Technical Ecstasy playlist! Stoked to have our latest single 'Whispers' featuring alongside tracks from Katatonia, Opeth and Tool.

If you're a regluar TIDAL listener, be sure to add this playlist to your collection ▶️ Technical Ecstasy

May 5, 2020
SYNAESTHESIA Featured Album on The Faction

Pretty stoked to have SYNAESTHESIA picked to be the feature album on The Faction in Australia this week!

Tune into The Faction here

May 1, 2020

SYNÆSTHESIA, our debut album, is finally here.

We feel honoured and privileged to be sharing this piece of work with you all. Grateful to all those who have helped us get here and for you who are listening to this right now!

Experience the full album with visualiser videos on YouTube


Auckland alt-rock outfit City Of Souls have dropped their mammoth 16 track debut album SYNAESTHESIA.

The band has been teasing the album with the singles ‘Sleep’‘Water’Long Gone’‘Wolf’‘Ferryman’Love Will Tear Us Apart’‘Shimmer’ and Cruelty’. Now with the release comes the brand new single ‘Whispers’.

A collaboration between City of Souls guitarists Trajan Schwencke and Marcus Powell, ‘Whispers’ is a dramatic soundscape that depicts the memory of a friend who took her own life.

SYNAESTHESIA has been an album five years in the making. Marcus Powellelaborates: “City of Souls have hit every single obstacle and block you can imagine. For us, this album is about endurance, passion, and a deep love for music.

“We have had these songs written and recorded with (producer) Forrester Savell for a long time but for whatever reason, our timelines and plans kept changing. What I love is the solidarity and persistence within the City of Souls family have pushed through. No matter what happened with the cancelled tours, shows, album deals and record labels we, as a collective, have stayed strong and loyal,” Powell says.

“To say we are excited to release this album is an understatement,” Powell continues.

“I am so proud of the boys and the extended families for sticking this out and being here for each other. I am grateful for the support of the fans for carrying us through as well. I can't wait for everyone to hear and experience our journey to date. Thank you to City of Souls, the Street teams, the fans and everyone involved to bring this Taonga (treasure) to life!”
City of Souls has built a solid reputation as a live act to be reckoned with and developed a strong fanbase in New Zealand and across the world. With support locally including The Rock and Radio Hauraki, the band continue to push the envelope with their sound single by single, resulting in a solid collection of 16 tracks for the debut album.

City Of Souls formed in August 2015 by guitarists Trajan Schwencke (Cold by Winter, In Dread Response) and Steve Boag (In Dread Response, Blacklistt). Vocalist Richie Simpson (New Way Home) found their existing tracks immediately captivating and joined the band. Guitarist Marcus Powell (founding member of multi-platinum bands Blindspott and Blacklistt) then joined, and the line-up was complete with Daniel Insley on Bass (Solstate) and Drummer Corey Friedlander (In Dread Response / 8 Foot Sativa).
The City Of Souls sound is a true amalgamation of the members bringing something from each of their projects. Creating one of New Zealand’s heaviest and most loved rock bands.


SYNAESTHESIA Tracklisting:

1) ‘Life Blood’
2) ‘Ferryman’
3) ‘Whispers’
4) ‘Cruelty’
5) ‘Shimmer’
6) ‘Wolf’
7) ‘White Ghost’
8) ‘Sleep’
9) ‘Water’
10) ‘Long Gone’
11) ‘Tying Tongues’
12) ‘Brush Strokes’
13) ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’
14) ‘Mountain’
15) ‘Iron Heart’
16) ‘Synaesthesia’

Apr 29, 2020
Wed to Wed Iso Playlist, Week 6: 33rd Degree Inspiration

Dive into the tracks that inspire Steve's songwriting with this week's 6th and final installment of our Wednesday to Wednesday Iso Playlists.

Stream Steve's 33rd Degree Inspiration now ▶️

Apr 27, 2020
Revisiting Our Singles: Sleep [2015]

This was our first statement we put out to the world. It had to reflect who we were and what we were about.

It's been 5 years since our first step as a band releasing our debut track 'Sleep', now we're 5 days away from releasing our album SYNÆSTHESIA; what a journey it has been.

Thank you to those of you who have been with us from the beginning, and to those of you who have joined us along the way. Whether one of our songs popped up on your Spotify Discover Weekly or you heard us first performing live on tour; we're grateful for your support and to have the opportunity to share our musical adventure with you.

We're excited for what the next chapter will bring.

TRAJ // This was our first statement we put out to the world. It had to reflect who we were and what we were about. These were super exciting times, new band full of good dudes, no real limitations, we could do anything we wanted and had come together at the same time looking for the same thing. I was surprised at how effortlessly stuff fell together when the vibes were right and the mood was set. Steve has a term which he calls Night Music, that feeling when you’ve had the perfect night, and it sums this song up perfectly. I love when the chorus kicks in again after the bridge, gets me in the feels every time.


Apr 22, 2020
Wed to Wed Iso Playlist, Week 5: Corey's Trippy Tracks of the Gods

As NZ hunkers down for another 5 days at level four lock-down, we've got our 5th installment of our Wednesday to Wednesday Iso Playlist ready to see you through.

Ascend with Corez's Trippy Tracks of the Gods as we head into the long weekend.

Stream it now ▶️

Apr 20, 2020
Revisiting Our Singles: Water [2015]

We're revisiting the singles and milestones that have brought us to this moment as we count down the days to SYNÆSTHESIA's release on May 1, 2020. 11 days to go!

TRAJ // I came home from watching BRING ME THE HORIZON at Powerstation and seeing EVERYONE in the audience bounce from start to finish, front to back, had quite an impact on me. Went to watch them again the next night and I made a goal to make a band and open for them if they ever came back. Which we did!
I wanted a song with dynamics that could drop out to be completely ethereal and maintain the vibe. What Richie brought to the table with his lyrics and melody lines blew us away.
This was our first time working with the Mad Scientist himself, Forrester Savell. I hope one day people get to hear the isolated vocal stems of those beautiful low vocal doubles and harmonies.
This was our first time working with Director Ziga Zupancic fully at the directors helm who made a beautiful video which we felt represented the song perfectly.
Also 131bpm is the ultimate bounce tempo.

Apr 15, 2020
Maniacs Premiere CITY OF SOULS Single 'CRUELTY'

Auckland has been putting out some quality prog metal as of late, and CITY | OF | SOULS are another shining example with their groove-laden new single 'Cruelty', the next track to be revealed from their upcoming record SYNAESTHESIA, out May 1.

The forthcoming record has been five years in the making and the painstaking process has paid off, with mature songwriting paving the way for a fully-realised sound that pulls the listener in deep.

As vocalist Richie Simpson explains:

"'Cruelty' was a demo I had been sitting on for a few years before I joined the band. It was complete structurally so it just needed a bit of a fine tune and it was in the bag. I'm really stoked the lads dug it and it made the record, I love playing it live. It has a real swing and swagger to it. Kinda makes me wanna dance like Snoop Dogg. I remember channeling some Nine Inch Nails reptile into the seasick bending guitar layers over the intro riff... it gave this dark energy to it. I love the mood changes that layering can give an idea. Cruelty is about the damage a lack of empathy can cause."

Guitarist Marcus Powell is stoked that the album will finally be seeing the light of day:

"City of Souls have hit every single obstacle and block you can imagine. For us, this album is about endurance, passion, and a deep love for music. To say we are excited to release this album is an understatement."

Read the article


Apr 15, 2020
Wed to Wed Iso Playlist, Week 4: Hupstaboogie, Lynx & Durries

The next installment of our Wednesday to Wednesday Iso Playlists is here for you as we enter week four at level four in New Zealand.

MARCUS // Hupstaboogie is my nickname... The boys in Blindspott gave this to me when my weight was a topic of discussion. Hapu means pregnant in Maori so when I danced that's when Hupstaboogie was born... Lynx and Durries was a reference to an earlier version of myself and an opportunity for me to make some hard choices. This playlist contains music from that time but also some new bangers that I just dig. Fump it

Stream it now ▶️

Apr 13, 2020
Revisiting Our Singles: Long Gone [2016]

We're revisiting the singles and milestones that have brought us to this moment as we count down the days to SYNÆSTHESIA's release on May 1, 2020. 18 days to go!

TRAJ // You know that face when the song is so badass you just have to pull a Robert Deniro face? When we showed Marcus the demo he pulled that face. This could be an anthem, we thought. We flew Foz over for 6 days to work with him in person for pre-production and tracking at The Lab Recording Studio, NZ. I’d never seen so much analogue Dat tape being used to hold up our digital toys. It was beautiful to see the song evolve into what it became.


Apr 8, 2020
Wed to Wed Iso Playlist, Week 3: Dan, The Life Of

The next installment of our Wednesday to Wednesday Iso Playlists is here for you as we enter week three at level four in New Zealand.

C|O|S bassist Dan’s life journey through some of the music that has influenced and inspired him over the years. Listen from the top or scroll down to find something newer for ya ear holes.

Stream 'Dan, The Life Of' now

Apr 6, 2020
Revisiting Our Singles: Ferryman [2019]

We're revisiting the singles and milestones that have brought us to this moment as we count down the days to SYNÆSTHESIA's release on May 1, 2020. 24 days to go!

TRAJ // We wanted something heavy and brooding and we live tested it over the years getting it to be the perfect heavy set opener, something that would make people sit up straight. When ever I hear those opening lines in the intro I always get a kick, like right before Billy loses his shit and tries to take on the Predator.

Where were you when you first heard us perform 'Ferryman'?


Apr 2, 2020
Revisiting Our Singles: Shimmer [2020]

Count down the days to the release of SYNÆSTHESIA on May 1 with us as we revisit the singles and milestones that have brought us to the moment of our album's release.

As the world pauses for breath, its a time to reflect on the songs and the memories that have shaped us into the band we are today.

TRAJ // We’ve been playing this one live for years so it’s great to finally get it into people's ear holes. I first heard Richie mention he’d come up with a riff while moshing in the shower. It was sold instantly. Anything that makes you head bang in the shower has to be worth it cause that place is slippery. It feels as good as it sounds to play, it’s one of my favourite songs to perform and has all of my favourite elements of a song, from digging in on the chugs to Corey’s classy hat work, to the ending that feels like rebirth everytime.

Apr 1, 2020
Wed to Wed Iso Playlist, Week 2: Trajan's 80's Programming

The next installment of our Wednesday to Wednesday Iso Playlists is here for you as we enter week two of isolation in New Zealand. Set your vibe for the week with Trajan's 80's Programming playlist on Spotify.

33 songs, 2 hours and 22 minutes. My personal perfect 80s vibe capturing playlist. - Traj

Stream Trajan's 80's Programming now

Mar 27, 2020
A Chat with Marcus Powell from CITY | OF | SOULS

Jahmiele Hicks at The Back Beat Podcast had a little e-chat with Marcus to find out all about the development of the band’s upcoming release SYNÆSTHESIA, his favourite type of MnM’s, COS’s version of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, time travel, and what’s coming next!

Read the full article

Mar 25, 2020
Wed to Wed Iso Playlist, Week 1: Richie's Radical Ride

Need a soundtrack for your home isolation?

Get a look into the weird and wonderful world of our singers music taste. Mellow out, meditate, smash holes in walls, laugh and cry to the backdrop of but a few of the songs that have made him into the musician he is today.

Stream Richie's Radical Ride now


Mar 24, 2020
Subculture Music Interviews CITY | OF | SOULS Guitarist Marcus Powell

Marcus caught up with Subculture Entertainment to chat about the upcoming release of SYNÆSTHESIA on May 1, 2020 and CITY | OF | SOULS's creative process in creating the album.


      One of the fastest rising bands in the world at the moment are CITY | OF | SOULS who hail from New Zealand. Over the past few months the band have been preparing for the release of their new album SYNÆSTHESIA on May 1st and during that time the buzz around them has just got louder and louder. They even found that their singles have been charting on the in the New Zealand charts.

Eager to find out more about the band that seems to have the world talking I had a chance to chat to guitarist Marcus Powell while he was looking after his kids.

“This has been a long time in the works – 2015 in fact,” says Powell when we start to talk about the beginnings of SYNÆSTHESIA“We all came together after being in other bands because we were looking to create something that was a bit more emotive but at the same time keeping that heavy drive. We were just like minded individuals getting into a room together and jamming really.”

Read the full article


Mar 21, 2020

Have Corey take you behind the scenes of the last show on Earth before the COVID-19 lock down.
The energy in the room at the Powerstation for this gig was incredible - thank you to everyone who came out to support us. We can't wait to bring this tour back on the road to you all, and we'll be announcing rescheduled dates as soon as we can.

Mar 16, 2020
Crannk Interviews CITY | OF | SOULS Guitarist Steve Boag

Missed Steve's interview with Jai from Crannk live on Monday?

Stream the interview now on Soundcloud to hear Steve and Jai chat about CITY | OF | SOULS latest single 'Shimmer' and details about how the upcoming album SYNÆSTHESIA came together.

Listen to the interview

Mar 16, 2020
Heavy Decibels Radio Station Interviews CITY | OF | SOULS Drummer Corey Friedlander

Catch up on Corey's chat with Heavy Decibels Radio Show to hear how recent announcements from the govt are affecting musicians with tour cancellations, and how you can support CITY | OF | SOULS through these challenging times.

Listen to the interview

Mar 2, 2020
LWTUA #11 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles Chart


Thank you guys so much for streaming, purchasing or requesting Love Will Tear Us Apart (LWTUA). Also you legends at The Rock for smashing it in peoples ear holes.

We're about to crack the Official NZ Music Charts top ten. Please keep it up so we can give SIX60 a run for their money! Ya never know.

If you haven't already give it a nudge here:

Feb 28, 2020
City Of Souls blast into 2020 with new single ‘Shimmer’

Kiwi alt-rockers City Of Souls lay down the gauntlet in 2020 with their brand new single ‘Shimmer’ from their upcoming album SYNAESTHESIA - out on May 1. 

Get ‘Shimmer’ HERE

is an empowering anthem, which embraces the power and alchemy of trauma and change. 

“It’s about having everything reach a point of falling apart and that becoming the catalyst for seeing something greater and more powerful than what could have been without that process. Two conflicting energies only existing because of each other,” explains the band’s singer, Richie Simpson. 

The accompanying video for ‘Shimmer’ has been released alongside the track. Watch HERE

One of New Zealand’s most reputable acts, City Of Souls was formed in August 2015 by guitarists Trajan Schwencke (Cold by Winter, In Dread Response) and Steve Boag (In Dread Response, Blacklistt). Vocalist Richie Simpson (New Way Home) found their existing tracks immediately captivating and joined the band. Guitarist Marcus Powell (founding member of multi-platinum bands Blindspott and Blacklistt) then joined, and the line-up was complete with Daniel Insley on Bass (Solstate) and Drummer Corey Friedlander (In Dread Response, 8 Foot Sativa).

A live force to be reckoned with, City Of Souls will play a free ‘Music In Parks’ gig in Henderson, Auckland on Saturday, February 29 from 2.00pm alongside Bleeders, Racing, She Loves You and Cherry Blind. The band is then touring with Blindspott across the country in March and April. City of Souls also opens for Deftones at Trusts Stadium, Auckland on March 15.

The band’s new album SYNAESTHESIA is out on May 1, 2020.

Catch City of Souls on tour:

  • Friday March 6 –Turner Centre, Kerikeri *
  • Saturday March 7 – The Forum, Whangarei *
  • Saturday March 14 – The Powerstation, Auckland *
  • Sunday March 15 – Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland **
  • Friday March 20 – Butlers Reef, New Plymouth *
  • Friday March 27 – The Factory, Hamilton *
  • Friday April 3 – Stadium Lounge, Trustpower Baypark, The Mount *
  • Saturday April 4 – Hunter Lounge, Wellington *
  • Thursday April 9 – The Good Home Ferrymead, Christchurch *
    Friday April 10 - The Good Home Ferrymead, Christchurch *
  • Saturday April 11 – Tillermans, Invercargill *

*On tour with Blindspott, tickets HERE
**Opening for Deftones, tickets HERE

Follow City of Souls: YouTube / Apple / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram


News 2019

Oct 9, 2019
"Ferryman" Video Premiere

International release for the Ferryman video kicks off on Wednesday 9th October at 9:00PM AEDT.

Watch the video at:

News 2018

Apr 13, 2018

We have a set of limited merchandise available now. All t-shirts are 100% cotton, and and caps are 6-panel structured snapbacks.

If you're interested, please get in touch with us via email or Facebook.

Thank you for the continued love and support!


Mar 16, 2018
Interview With The Rock FM (Revisited)

What was your favourite memory about the Bizkit? Steve joins Mike on The Rock to share his. Tomorrow is Storm The Gates, people! Get psyched! Going to be a PARTY.

Mar 12, 2018
Storm The Gates 2018

We're excited to announce that we will be performing at this year's Storm The Gates. We will perform from 4:50pm. Can't wait to get rowdy with you beautiful people!

Mar 7, 2018
Interview With The Rock FM

Steve and Corey are with Mike on Rock nights to discuss exactly how hard it was to get your own copy of Limp Bizkit's " 3 dollar bill ya'll " album in 1998 and having to go on the wait list to dub it into cassette was a hard reality of the times.

Listen in if you want the true education.

Feb 8, 2018

On March the 9th, we are hosting a one off exclusive show. If you want to be one of the first to hear our next single and songs from the album...

Message us asap and secure your door sale. We will also have a limited run of new merch to shop leading up to #StormTheGates. Joining us will be our good friends #Coridian & #SwizlJager. This is going to be a very up close and personal show so you don't want to sleep on this. SEE YOU IN THE PIT.

Jan 18, 2018
Listen to COS at BBC!

For all of our UK fans! Tune in now to hear our mate Ollie play some City Of Souls!